Adoption Application Uses Swipe Interface To Match Prospective Parents And Children

Adoption Application Uses Swipe Interface To Match Prospective Parents And Children

To help modernize the adoption process, Adoptly helps parents to search for kids by swiping right and left

Zack Palm
  • 23 january 2017

Parents interested in adopting a child may find the process difficult and quite lengthy. The average adoption for a healthy infant can vary from two years all the way up to seven. In an attempt to provide a modern alternative for parents, a startup in San Francisco created an application called Adoptly. The application works similar to Tinder, who made the swipe interface famous, despite the obvious differences.

In Adoptly the children have profiles where parents can learn about them. If the parents want to be considered for the adoption process, they swipe right on the profile and left if they want to continue looking.

Before parents start searching they can narrow down the results by customizing who they’re looking to bring into their family. This includes choosing their preferred child’s ethnicity, age, how far away they are currently, and their gender.


Potential parents create a profile of themselves for the children to view. Much like other matching services, the children must approve of the parents or see if they’d like to learn more about them. The children are represented by adoption services and they can learn about the parents to see if they’re a good match.

When a parent and child match, they can start messaging one another immediately or speak to the agency about what to do next. To provide safety for both sides, parents must go through a state-mandated background check and the children on Adoptly must have a licensed government agency representing them.


Right now Adoptly has a Kickstarter campaign going on to help fund the application. The developers of the project hope to raise $150,000 for the project, however they have only raised $3,000 as of this writing.



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