AI Is Assisting In Making Digital Marketing Campaigns More Effective

AI Is Assisting In Making Digital Marketing Campaigns More Effective

Rather than looking through hours of information themselves, a marketing team can assign this task to their newest artificially intelligent co-worker

Zack Palm
  • 3 january 2017

When a marketing team is allocating their budget, they often need to know the best people to speak to and where their audience is, in order to reach them most effectively. Aiden, an AI, assists digital marketers by providing them useful information through data analysis.

How does Aiden work? It vigilantly observes multiple dashboards of information a marketing team has at their disposal. The team can ask Aiden a simple question about website’s traffic, top performing social media platform or where a recent spike of activity is coming from. When the information is reviewed, the program makes suggestions on what the team should do next. What’s more, the team can communicate to the program through multiple social networks such as Skype, email or text message.

Those interested in having Aiden join their team can request early access on the app website. The team behind the AI plan create a subscription model next year.


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