AI Reviews Texts To Determine The Strength Of Your Relationships

AI Reviews Texts To Determine The Strength Of Your Relationships

Crushh is a new app that will review messages and call history to see how strong a relationship is, and if two people are fading apart

Zack Palm
  • 3 january 2017

Crushh is an invite-only application that analyzes a relationship to how tell deep it is by reviewing text messages and call histories. By reading these and seeing whether they have changed over time the application will inform users how and exactly when the relationship changed.

Those who are invited to the application choose a contact on their phone and let the algorithm do all of the work. The contact chosen will remain unaware of what is going on. When finished, users receive a relationship rating. This rating is determined by the content of texts and how frequently they have fluctuated in frequency.

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Crushh is currently in beta. Those interested can visit the application’s website to request an invitation, however, they must have an Android phone for the program to work. When fully released, Crushh will remain referral and invitation-only.



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