App-Controlled Kettle Guides Brewers To Perfect Cup Of Coffee

App-Controlled Kettle Guides Brewers To Perfect Cup Of Coffee

The Stagg EKG aims to provide precise guidance on how to craft the perfect pour-over coffee

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 5 january 2017

If you’re a coffee connoisseur on the pursuit of ‘liquid concoction excellence,’ the Stagg EKG might be your new best friend. With a slick design and clever control system, the device gives you full governance over how you brew your favorite caffeinated beverage.

Having already completed several crowdfunding campaigns in the past, San-Francisco-based startup Fellow designed the electric pour-over kettle to accompany some of its previous designs, including the Acaia Bluetooth-enabled scaled, pour-over dripper, carafe and tasting glasses. By twisting the knob to select from a temperature between 135°F to 212°F (displayed on a discreet LCD screen with both the desired ‘set temperature’ and ‘real time temperature’) the Stagg EKG does away with any guesswork as to how hot your coffee might be. Plus, should you ‘overestimate your ability to run two miles’ before your coffee is ready, a toggle switch lets you set the temperature to HOLD mode for up to 30 minutes before it’s time to cross that finish line.


As if it doesn’t get more extra than that, a precision pour spot affords the ‘optimal pour-over flow rate with to-the-drop precision.’ Furthermore, since the bean, roast, grind size, brew method, and even the age of your bag all factor in to the appropriate temperature selection, an accompanying Brewbar Tablet app promises to guide you to the perfect cup of your choice—of which there are many. And, if you fancy yourself a tea lover more so than a coffee aficionado, the variable temperature control lets you steep the perfect cup of tea all the same, be it white, green, oolong, black or herbal. So say goodbye to that goo that accumulates at the base of your dumb-kettle, and say hello to a smart, app-controlled kettle. Shipments are due to arrive as early as September of 2017.

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