Book Social Impact Experiences Through Airbnb

Book Social Impact Experiences Through Airbnb
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Airbnb is adding charitable tourism as one of its offered services

Jiwon Kim
  • 5 january 2017

2017 is the year for charitable tourism. Airbnb is jumping on the bandwagon by offering “social impact experiences”. As part of its Experiences initiative, nonprofits can now receive a 100% profit when they host guests for various activities, ranging from $150 to $250. 

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One such experience, hosted by non-profit Give A Beat, is devoted to utilizing electronic music to help youth and families affected by mass incarceration. Essentially they offer job opportunities and creative outlets for their targeted population. Airbnb members who sign up can participate in events like a private DJ session and a tour of Give A Beat’s program. Other experiences include serving the poor in San Francisco at GLIDE, a church and human services agency that fights poverty and Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, where people can work and play with older dogs.

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As nonprofits are faced with the difficult task of raising awareness and recruiting advocates for their causes while ensuring they have enough money to stay running and provide services, this is one key avenue to reach their goals. All of these experiences are meant to a be a win-win—enabling Airbnb members to engage in fun, worthwhile causes and raising revenue for the causes themselves.

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