You Can Now Buy A Fiat Car Through Amazon

You Can Now Buy A Fiat Car Through Amazon

The partnership gives Italians the opportunity to buy a vehicle online at a discounted price

Jiwon Kim
  • 10 january 2017

Amazon is taking e-commerce to another level by partnering up with Fiat Chrysler to offer cars for sale. Currently, this opportunity is only available for those residing in Italy. Consumers in the country can purchase three available models: the 500, the Panda and the 500L. All three models of Fiat car are sold cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else.

Fiat Chrysler decided to put forth these three specific models because the Panda is Italy’s best-selling car and the other two models will hopefully appeal to the adventurous. The company hopes that making these models available will make the car purchasing process easier and cheaper.

After purchasing a Fiat car on Amazon, consumers will be directed to go to a specific dealer, where they can pick up the car in around two weeks. Although this offer is currently only limited to one country, if successful, who knows what could happen next.

Fiat Chrysler | Amazon

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