PSFK Launches The CES Guide 2017

PSFK Launches The CES Guide 2017

The 'best-of' guide helps brands, retailers, technologists and creatives distill this year’s 3,600-exhibitor conference into a future-focused field guide

  • 4 january 2017

Heading to CES this year? There’s no better place to explore technology innovation than in an event that brings together the world’s leading innovators, content providers and startups in Las Vegas to discuss emerging products and ideas redefining the technology industry. PSFK’s CES Guide 2017 has been created to help brands, retailers, technologists and creatives distill this year’s 3,600-exhibitor conference into a future-focused field guide, identifying the most important technology trends for the future consumer.

The full guide is a comprehensive preview of 2017’s top technology events, complete with a roundup of top exhibitors, panels and events, as well as key takeaways for those in Las Vegas or following along at home.

The guide is designed to go wherever you go, either as a full download, a foldable print version, Slideshare presentation, or mobile document.

The 4-day guide features:

  • Expert Curated Schedules of panels, keynotes, product announcements and exhibitors tailored for professionals in retail, advertising, media, wellness and other industries.
  • Industry-Specific Takeaways to help attendees and global readers summarize innovation on the exhibit floor.
  • 6 Tech Industry Shifts to prepare for in 2017 and beyond, handpicked from PSFK’s Forecast 2020
  • Download includes desktop, mobile, and print-ready guides


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The PSFK CES Guide 2017 helps creative professionals attending CES or following along globally to track the latest innovations in consumer technology. Guides are available for mobile, desktop or print-ready format—download them here. Access and share the PSFK CES Guide 2017 on Slideshare here. For a more detailed survey of changing consumer expectations, access PSFK’s Forecast 2020.

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