Citibank Uses Snap Spectacles To Recruit Talent

Citibank Uses Snap Spectacles To Recruit Talent
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Recordings from the difficult-to-acquire device reveal a day in the life of a bank employee

Jiwon Kim
  • 5 january 2017

Snapchat Spectacles by Snap Inc. have been a huge hit, making it difficult for anyone to purchase a pair. These sunglasses are special because they have a mini camera attached to the frame that connects to any smartphone, making it easy to record videos from a firsthand perspective. Despite the hurdles, Citibank has been able to secure a few pairs in order to recruit new talent. The plan is to record videos that show what a typical day for a Citibank employee looks like.

The first video released was from the perspective of Marilyn McDonald, Citibank’s head of digital product management. The next series will showcase a life of a junior employee, which include entry-level and intern positions.

Numerous branches around the world have received a few pairs to record at their workplace.

It looks like this use of medium and social media has the potential to peak the interest of potential recruits.

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