Dating Startup Leverages Spotify And Yelp Preferences To Make The Perfect Match

Dating Startup Leverages Spotify And Yelp Preferences To Make The Perfect Match
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Coffee Meets Bagel recently released Mixtape and DateSpots, two new services that help people pick the right spot and activity for their date

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 12 january 2017

While most dating apps work to facilitate the first date, leaving users to define the where and when on their own, startup Coffee Meets Bagel’s focus is on building meaningful and lasting relationships. The logical first step of that branding then is to concentrate on the moments after two users have been paired: in what context did the two hopefuls agree to match? What do they have in common and how can the company tap that understanding to build momentum and increase the chances of a follow-up date?

Seeking to drive both online and offline interactions, Coffee Meets Bagel has recently announced two web apps—Mixtape and DateSpots—both designed to better the first date experience. And while the two platforms are centered around different approaches of achieving the same effect, employed in tandem, Mixtape and DateSpots offer a potent combo for breaking the ice and assisting in further engagement.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 12.10.10 PM

Mixtape works by using Spotify’s API to create a playlist composed of top songs and public playlists the matched users share in common. The idea for the app originated from one of Coffee Meets Bagel’s engineers, who had built it on his own to help break the ice on a few of his own first dates. Having drank his own Kool Aid, the success of the tool as a conversation starter suggested it could successfully integrate into Coffee Meets Bagel’s platform.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 11.49.05 AM

DateSpots on the other hand utilizes Yelp’s Fusion API to help daters decide on a date spot (as the name suggests). With filters on venue type, price and location, the platform only returns four star locations and up, assuming they’ve also been confirmed to have a quiet or average noise level, with a classy/intimate/romantic/trendy ambiance. Whether these metrics are too strict has yet to be determined.

Playing it safe, the three apps will stay separate for now to allow Coffee Meets Bagel to improve their main offering. Still, the introduction of Mixtape and DateSpots will enable the company to experiment with how the individual platforms line up, including when one of them gets introduced in the dating pipeline, and how that transition will come into effect. The announcement coincided with New Years, a time one Coffee Meets Bagel spokesperson referred to as ‘cuffing season in full effect.’

Coffee Meets Bagel

+recently released Mixtape and DateSpots

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