A Company Is Making Sweaters Just For Drones

A Company Is Making Sweaters Just For Drones

Your quadcopter can now take on the chilly weather with a customized sweater

Azalea Pena
  • 17 january 2017

If mobile phones have cases, then drones have sweaters. Drone Sweaters is a company that makes customized sweaters for drones because truth is, even drones need to be winter-ready.

Not all drones are made with multiple layers of high quality plastic and that makes them vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. Hence, your drone may not be equipped to fly under winter temperatures which can cause it to break down and malfunction with time.

Just like humans, drones can benefit from thick clothing and in this case, a wool-blend warm sweater for your drone’s comfort and well-being can go a long way to their long-term health. Drone Sweaters makes sure your drone is in good hands as it customizes each sweater depending on the model, size and age of your beloved UAV.

Drone Sweaters


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