Giant Streetlight Flowers Bloom In Response To Pedestrians

Giant Streetlight Flowers Bloom In Response To Pedestrians
Arts & Culture

The giant flowers, installed in Tel Aviv, open and close in response to people and the environment

Laura Yan
  • 11 january 2017

Tel Aviv architecture firm HQ Architects has created a street installation of four huge blooming flowers that respond to the environment of Jerusalem’s busy city center. The “Warde” installation overlooks Vallero Square with four giant streetlight poppy30 flowers that are visible to pedestrians around the square and in the surrounding markets. Each flower opens and closes individually and all four respond to the environment around it. For example, when someone passes by, a flower inflates and then when the person leaves, it deflates. On summer days, the flowers will open to create shade for anyone beneath them. What’s more, all four flowers will bloom as trams approach the station as an elegant way to signal commuters to hurry up.



+HQ architects
+interactive installation
+tel aviv

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