Forecast 2020: How Technology Is Empowering A New Age Of Digital Activists

Forecast 2020: How Technology Is Empowering A New Age Of Digital Activists
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Our latest Forecast 2020 report explains how technology is facilitating collective change

  • 26 january 2017

PSFK’s Forecast 2020 report is now live—and we’re excited to share this forward-thinking study, which helps brands and organizations remain relevant as the power of choice grows in the hands of the individual consumer. Below is a preview of some of our insights into how technology is facilitating collective change.

Power to the people! Gone are the days when individual voices for change were limited by unachievable funding parameters or private networks of well-connected individuals. Thanks to the digital revolution, passionate individuals can now subvert barriers and be mobilized collective change in a grassroots fashion. Here’s proof:

Technology Proof Points:

  1. Encrypted Chat Services enable consumers to organize and mobilize around social issues without fear of institutional interference.
  2. Alternative Energy Sources for household and personal consumption reduce dependence on government grids and policies.
  3. Real-Time Sentiment Analysis amplifies the impact of individuals who are voicing their opinions or feedback to leaders.
  4. Crowdsourced Policy and Research Platforms encourage citizens of all training and clearance levels to divide data collection and drafting responsibilities to create more inclusive results.

Developed for the 2016 United States election, #NeverTrump is a marketplace app where third-party voters in swing states can trade their votes with Clinton supporters in Democratically-safe states. #NeverTrump is expanding to create location-based communities to better serve people looking for jobs across the nation.

Agents Of Open Governments
Sao Paolo’s Agents of Open Government program allows highly-skilled citizens run technology and business courses for government officials. Agents pull from a diverse pool of laypersons, exposing public servants to a greater of breadth citizen perspectives.

Mexico City x
Mexico City invited its 9 million residents to petition for issues that they want included in the city’s revised constitution via The number of signatures for an idea determines what level of government will review the idea. Residents can also contribute by annotating official proposals. Free Internet kiosks are set up around the city to encourage participation.

Strategies To Apply:

  1. Facilitate Crowdhelping: Digital marketplaces encourage citizens to gather and trade ideas, actions and funds to work towards a shared political goal or change.
  2. Shorten The Supply Chain: Citizens who contribute to politics by skill sharing, annotating documents or voicing their preferences reduce delays caused by bureaucratic red tape.

Quotes and Stats:

“[Modern campaigning] blurs the line between the digital and grassroots fields…[by using technology] the way you would use the phone or a door knock.”
Jeremy Bird. Advisor, Hillary Clinton Campaign 2016

“If you can build a broad base of support, it’s not just a financial payoff. It builds a network of support that you can turn to for volunteers and organizing.”
Joe Rospars. Chief Digital Strategist, Barack Obama Presidential Campaigns

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The PSFK 2020 Forecast strategizes how brands and organizations can remain relevant as the power of choice grows in the hands of the individual. By analyzing important shifts over the past year, PSFK’s research team has studied how consumers are increasingly tailoring information and products to their own needs. The full report is designed as a roadmap for brands, retailers and organizations to reestablish themselves as platforms for guidance and encouragement. Download the full report here, and learn more about PSFK’s Intelligence Platform.

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