Indian Grocery Service Delivers Cash As Well As Food

Indian Grocery Service Delivers Cash As Well As Food

Grofers is an e-commerce grocer that has partnered up with a Yes Bank to provide cash withdrawal as an additional service

Jiwon Kim
  • 10 january 2017

In early November, India announced that 86 percent of Indian currency would no longer be valid after the end of December. The move is to battle corruption while shifting to a cashless economy. Although it has been a painful transition, producers and consumers are adjusting to this change in different ways. One company is Grofers, an e-commerce grocery, that decided to partner up with Yes Bank to provide cash delivery alongside its food delivery service.

Through the servicer, Grofers customers have the opportunity to get up to 2,000 rupees (which equates to around $30 US Dollars). Customers simply pick the groceries they want online then can request a delivery of cash by inputting a special code. When the groceries are delivered, the delivery person carries an electronic device that swipes a customer’s debit card.

The point of this partnership is to provide an accessible, convenient service to customers while stirring up business. Although there is a push for a cashless system, hard cash is still a necessity that is hard to come by for some.

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