Modular Light System Designed To Gracefully Become Obsolete

Modular Light System Designed To Gracefully Become Obsolete

Teague Labs has introduced a lighting unit to do much more than light up a room

Zack Palm
  • 19 january 2017

Teague, a design consultant company based in Washington, has a website called Teague Labs where their designers periodically post new ideas they’re experimenting with. A recent concept called Filo has a modular light bulb surrounding a housing unit. This unit can hold additional tools to give a light multiple purposes.

Modular Light System

These accessories can vary from a baby monitor with another unit serving as the speaker, a fire detector or a camera. The housing unit surrounding the hardware contains all the parts to run each item, meaning additional wiring is not required for every implement. Filo fits into preexisting sockets and works with the switches. While the light is switched off, the gadget at the center will continue to figure using a independent battery.

Teague Labs has not announced a market release for Filo. Below is a video of Filo showing the many roles it can serve:


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