Storytelling Rug Uses AR To Brings Kids Stories To Life

Storytelling Rug Uses AR To Brings Kids Stories To Life
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The smart home textiles company TILT has created a new interactive experience by integrating fabrics with augmented reality

Marielle Castillo
  • 18 january 2017

The use of augmented reality in storytelling isn’t new, but TILT, a company focused on integrating textiles and technology, is adding a new layer of interest by enhancing textiles with AR. The brand created the Jungle Rug and Enchanted Duvet, which work with the SpinTales app to allow children to immerse themselves into stories.

To use the storytelling rug, kids hold up a phone or tablet to specified areas on the rug or duvet to activate AR experiences. All the stories come with augmented reality points and engaging story lines that bring new life to interactive play and learning. The rug and duvet include three free public domain fairy tales—Little Red, Three Pigs and Magic Beans—but the company claims to be working on developing more..


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