Stylish Scarf Doubles As A Smog Filter For Urbanites

Stylish Scarf Doubles As A Smog Filter For Urbanites

Wair provides a fashionable alternative to medical face masks in air-polluted cities

Jennifer Passas
  • 17 january 2017

The World Health Organization estimates that 80 percent of all urban areas have air pollution levels above what is considered healthy. The result of this staggering statistic is that many people that bike and walk in cities now wear face masks to protect themselves from harmful air-born toxins. Caroline van Renterghem, a Parisian who works in the fashion industry, recognized the need for a fashionable alternative to the medical and industria-looking masks currently on the market while biking in Paris. Working with a number of designers Van Renterghem created Wair, a scarf that combines form and function, resulting in an alternative that is both aesthetically pleasing and protective.

Wair is essentially an air filtration device that filters micro-particles out of the air which are the most harmful elements of air pollution. 

wair scarf

Located inside the scarf is a tiny turbine that blows air through a filter to catch all the toxins. The scarf charges through a USB and links to an app that suggests the least polluted routes for cyclists and pedestrians to use on any given day. The app is able to alert you to put on your scarf if air pollution levels get high.

smog filter

The scarf comes in a number of different prints with one designed specifically for women and one for men. The scarfs range in price from 51€ to 87€ and are available here.


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