Tiny Strip Lets You Charge Your Gadgets By Simply Interacting With Them

Tiny Strip Lets You Charge Your Gadgets By Simply Interacting With Them

Scroll, tap, zoom and click to charge your phone using simple everyday interactions

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 12 january 2017

Charging your phone can often feel like a Catch 22. Most of the time, we want to juice up our devices when we’re not using them, say, when sleeping, but in doing so, we inevitably overcharge our devices and slowly but surely diminish their battery life in the process. Enter Michigan Sate University’s latest research, a biocompatible ferroelectric nanogenerator—or FENG for short. And while the name might be a mouthful, the utility is quite exciting.

By using a thin film with the same charge on both sides, the team is able to charge a device by using it. When pressure is applied, the relative charge between the sides changes and electricity flows. Moreover, when that film is folded, the generated electricity increases as well – perfect for devices other than smartphones, such as wearables. And, given that the FENG is biocompatible after all, technology may enter the body even sooner than we ever imagined.


+biocompatible ferrelectric nanogenerator
+Michigan State University

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