Uber Turns Friends Into Driving Directions

Uber Turns Friends Into Driving Directions

Riders can now have their contacts designated as destinations if they're meeting at a specific location

Zack Palm
  • 3 january 2017

Location points on Google Maps are a big deal as they provide reference to a city or town’s unique landmarks, but what if people, such as your friends, were those points of importance instead? A new update to the Uber application provides this option.

As a majority of us know, the application currently sports ridesharing features where specific places of interest are remembered for user convenience but this now applies to contacts. When heading to the friend’s location, app users will receive an estimated time of arrival (ETA). Of course, for this to be possible, both people are required to have the Uber application installed on their phones.

Uber has also added a Snapchat feature to the app so pals can share pictures while they’re en route for a meetup, ensuring riders are entertained while on their way to meet friends.



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