UNICEF’s New Films Tell The Story Of Refugee And Migrant Children

UNICEF’s New Films Tell The Story Of Refugee And Migrant Children

The Unfairy Tales campaign is a series of animated stories that follow children who have been forced to flee their homeland

Jennifer Passas
  • 6 january 2017

In March of 2016 UNICEF launched a series of animated films that told the real life experience of tens of millions of refugee children and young people. Called Unfairy Tales, the three animations explain the horror behind why children have fled their homeland. To continue the campaign UNICEF is telling the real-life story of Malak and Mustafa, two Syrian child refugees who were the centerpiece of the illustrated series.

UNICEF estimates that there are currently 50 million children that have been forced to flee their homes because of conflict. The videos are an attempt to help frame a massive challenge by highlighting two individual stories.

The first video, called Mustafa Goes For a Walkcatches up with Mustafa, a 14-year-old boy from Syria, who is now living in Germany. Mustafa talks about his experience living in a new nation, going to school and making friends. His demeanor and sense of the world in the video far exceed his age, most likely due to the things that he has experienced at such a young age.

The second video is of Malak, an 8-year old girl from Syria, called Malak And The Boat. In it, Malak talks about now living in Germany with new friends at her new school. While happy to be in a safe place, Malak talks about wanting to go home, reminiscing about her toys at home and the friends she used to play with. Similar to Mustafa’s video, the story told is both heartwarming and painful.

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UNICEF asks viewers to share the video in an attempt to continue to raise awareness of the stories and reality of millions of refugee children.



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