Use Augmented Reality To Learn How To Draw

Use Augmented Reality To Learn How To Draw
Augmented & Virtual Reality

SketchAR is an app that bring blank canvases to life using AR, to help people better understand the fundamentals of sketching

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 10 january 2017

Using augmented reality powered through one’s mobile device, SketchAR brings blank canvases to life by projecting images onto paper with the intent of having users trace what they’re viewing. Looking to grow and refine users’ artistic talent through muscle memory, sketchers hold their phone with one hand to overlay their desired image, then trace the rendering by following the drawing with their pen while looking at the captured content through their smartphone.


The application also draws on machine vision technology to enable users to capture content that piques their interest in their immediate environment. If ever you wanted to recreate the Mona Lisa, simply image search the painting, snap a picture and run the application with that image selected. Or you can visit The Louvre if you happen to be traveling to Italy.


Overall the tool seems to work quite well – despite the clumsiness of having to hold a phone in one hand with drawing with the other, sampled gif’s highlighting the product show the superimposed image staying where its meant to even when the smartphone changes in angle. This sort of practice is a good example of what’s come to be known as ‘prostethic knowledge,’ defined as “Information that a person does not know, but can access as needed using technology.”

tumblr_oj4d92GYeJ1qav3uso2_r1_540 (1).gif

SketchAR also doubles as a handy tool for the existing artistic community, as users can see how their rough designs would look if they were to transpose the piece from one canvas onto another. Future iterations will see the app move from a phone to augmented reality-enabled glasses, freeing up a hand for the ambidextrous among us. Neural networks and machine learning will further accommodate beginners and intermediates by offering step-by-step instructions interpreted on the fly.


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