Vibrating Jeans Act As A Wearable GPS

Vibrating Jeans Act As A Wearable GPS

Spinali Design’s line of clothing can be paired with a phone move alerts from the device to your body

Azalea Pena
  • 19 january 2017

Spinali Design’s Essential Vibrating Connected Jeans is a world’s first and definitely one-of-a-kind in the fashion industry, alerting wearers of any new messages or emails.

The jeans come with two vibrating sensors located on the belt—one sensor for each side. It connects through a smartphone via Bluetooth. While connected, the pants provide a myriad of smart services. Are you meeting someone? The geolocation feature will help guide you using a range of sensors. Do you want to get someone’s attention? The Ping feature will discreetly take care of that. Do you want to receive phone alerts without having to bring your phone with you? The Essential Vibrating Connected Jeans will do the job, too.

Essential Vibrating Connected Jeans

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