Add Voice-Activated Commands To Any Curtains In Your Home

Add Voice-Activated Commands To Any Curtains In Your Home

Slide will open the blinds from anywhere in the house, outside of the house and also have them open when a built-in timer goes off

Zack Palm
  • 4 january 2017

Innovation, a startup company in Amsterdam, has created Slide, a device creative to automatically open up a set of curtains wirelessly. Slide does not require a set of new curtains. Installation takes less than than two minutes, although your curtains must open horizontally.

Slide attaches to the rods, rails or the curtains themselves, depending on how they open.

voice-activated curtains slide voice-activated commands

There are four different attachments to accommodate different types of curtains. When attached, Slide connects to an owner’s Wi-Fi signal to allow users to open and close their shades while they’re away from home with a smartphone. Slide can operate at specific times to act as a silent alarm in the morning to awaken owners with the morning sun.

Innovation has Slide on a Kickstarter campaign right now. Their goal was $41,795, but as of Dec 23, 2016, they have surpassed this goal and have $134,459. The campaign closes on Jan 8, 2017. To receive a slide, back the campaign before the end date and donate a minimum of $78.


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