This Tape Turns Any Notebook Into A Planner

This Tape Turns Any Notebook Into A Planner

This washi is cleverly designed to lay down dates and numbers on any surface

Azalea Pena
  • 4 january 2017

Goodbye expensive planners, because this year, a Japanese-made washi tape will turn any notebook into an instant calendar or planner. icco nico, a Japanese stationary store, launched their new washi tape Harukoyomi last month and it’s no surprise why this tape is frequently sold out.

The Harukoyomi, also known in English as the Sticking Calendar, is composed of two rolls of tape. One set is for dates, while the other roll is for the days of the week. Simply align the two rolls and you’ve turned a page of your notebook into a day-by-day calendar. Users can also enjoy customizing their own calendars by creating a daily, weekly or monthly one, whichever you may prefer. Don’t worry about running out of tape because each roll is 33 feet long. And by the way, the Harukoyami comes in both portrait and landscape layouts.

Harukoyami Sticking Calender | icco nico

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