This Woodland Farm Actually Grows Furniture

This Woodland Farm Actually Grows Furniture
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Trees grow directly into chairs, tables and sculpture at Full Grown in the UK

Cristina DiGiacomo
  • 11 january 2017

Imagine walking through a farm of tables, lamps, and chairs. No, this isn’t something out of Alice in Wonderland. Rather British artist, designer and tree farmer Gavin Munro grows sustainable furniture out of grafted and shaped wood. Gavin and his team at Full Grown have spent years growing wood that is already shaped into furniture. Little rework needs to be done to each piece once it’s harvested—just the uncovering of its natural beauty through light shaping, sanding and staining.


Mother Nature is responsible for most of the sculptural work, including monitoring the ecosystem, where every creature plays its part. No pesticides or weed killers are employed as birds and large insects help to play the role of caretaker of the wood as it grows into a piece, which takes approximately two to three years.


A story of trial and error, the project took several years and hundred of attempts to finally get it right. Reducing energy in tools, glue and transportation to make furniture, one Full Grown piece works out to be more efficient than growing one tree for fifty years.


Sustainability and the downshift in environmental impact aside, one cannot negate the beauty of this furniture. Combining a natural and organic aesthetic with a structural quality, each piece offers something special.

farms and mass retail furniture brands growing furniture, houses, and structures for consumers and to take it even further, for people to grow what they need in their own backyard.

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