A New Iteration Of Coca-Cola Claims To Make You Healthier

A New Iteration Of Coca-Cola Claims To Make You Healthier

Coca-Cola Plus has no calories or sugar, but it does have fiber

Andrew Conrad
  • 22 february 2017

“Kids, don’t forget to drink your Coke!” Parents may actually be saying that to their children if new Coca-Cola Plus is all that it claims to be. Rolling out in Japan this March, Coca-Cola’s latest health conscious soft drink removes the calories and sugar, but also adds five grams of dextrin, a natural, soluble fiber that assists the body’s ability to remove waste and feel satiated.

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Coca-Cola’s first diet cola offering, Tab, was introduced in 1963, followed by Diet Coke in 1982. Royal Crown’s Diet Rite, introduced in 1958, was the first sugar-free, calorie-free cola available. However, none of those products included a fiber supplement.

Because of the fiber, Coca-Cola Plus could help its drinkers lose weight. That selling point is music to the ears of anyone who has switched to diet soft drinks only to see their weight continue to climb.

Coca-Cola Plus “will (reduce) the weight of the fat intake from the meal, and it will (increase) neutral fatty acids after the meal,” according to a translation of a post on  Coca-Cola’s Japanese Facebook page

How Coca-Cola Plus actually tastes remains to be experienced, and Coca-Cola has not made any announcement on whether or not the product will be made available in the U.S.

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