AI-Powered ‘Egg’ Makes Cooking At Home Easier

AI-Powered ‘Egg’ Makes Cooking At Home Easier

Smart Egg is a standalone device that plans and helps cooks meals

Jennifer Passas
  • 7 february 2017

There is a well-established pattern stretching back to the 1970s of Americans consuming larger and larger amounts of food away from home. The reason for this trend is the simple fact that people feel that they have less time to cook at home. Hello Egg, a smart meal planning and preparation guide, is hoping to change the eating-out trend by helping to make cooking at home easier and more efficient.

Hello Egg, which has an integrated web and mobile app called Eggspert, is able to plan a week of meals according to your specific dietary preferences. The device is able to arrange for ingredients to be delivered, supervise your kitchen cupboards and even adapt meals for impromptu dinner guests with dietary restrictions.



The device, developed by an Internet of Things company called RnD64, debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Hello Egg comes complete with a number of features found in other voice-activated assistants such as music streaming, audio news feeds, weather forecasts and multiple voice-activated timers for the kitchen.


So far the device has received good feedback and interest from individuals that are looking for a help cooking at home. Eggspert has been able to utilize artificial intelligence to improve not only the cooking experience but also the health and nutritional value of the ingredients used in home-cooked meals.

Smart assistants have started to take hold in the food and beverage industry. While not as healthy an option, Domino Pizza announced last year that it had integrated with Google Home, enabling customers to place their pizza order through voice-activated speakers instead of calling or ordering through an app. Devices like Good Egg and assistant options like Google Home are examples of a larger trend of artificial intelligence becoming integrated into our daily lives.

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