Apple Is Replying To Tweets With Full Commercials

Apple Is Replying To Tweets With Full Commercials
Social Media

The new adverts for the company's iPad Pro take aim at PC users

Matt Vitone
  • 21 february 2017

Companies are always trying to figure out how to better connect with audiences on social media, but leave it to Apple to take tweeting to another level.

In lieu of a simple reply, the tech giant has taken four real-life tweets and answered them in a new series of ads for its iPad Pro.

The ads feature actors holding up giant posters with tweets printed on them, each featuring a concern that is answered by a narrator. The usernames and tweets are all real, although the pictures were changed so that they matched the actors reading them.

The ads can be seen as a dig at Microsoft, which ripped into Apple and its minimal aesthetic in a series of ads for its Surface Pro tablet last year.

Concerns dealt with in the ads include a PC user in fear of catching a virus on her computer, to one man who simply can’t believe that he can use Microsoft Word on an Apple product.

Check out all four of the ads below.


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