Audiobook Breaks Records With 166 Voice Actors

Audiobook Breaks Records With 166 Voice Actors

George Saunders' latest book, Lincoln in the Bardo, includes the voice of 166 different people recorded across the country

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 24 february 2017

Audiobooks have their own special feel, dragging in eager literary listeners through the power of one person’s narration or even a small cast of actors. For George Saunders’ new novel Lincoln in the Bardo audiobook, however, over 166 voices were used to bring the book to life.

Created by Penguin Random House Audio, it is now up for the Guinness World Record for most individuals’ voices on an audiobook. The novel centers around President Lincoln burying his son Willie and encountering the different spirits in limbo at the graveyard, helping him to deal with his grief. There are plenty of comedy stars who provided voices for characters, including Bill Hader, Megan Mullally, Keegan-Michael Key, Nick Offerman, Don Cheadle, Julianne Moore, and David Sedaris. In all, the actors recorded in 17 different studios across the country, which each actor doing three or four takes per line, that were later edited together into the finished product, which is now available for purchase.

Lincoln In The Bardo

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