Beer Brewed Using Rain Water From Rooftops

Beer Brewed Using Rain Water From Rooftops

Due to the increase rainfall in the Netherlands, Brewer Hemelswater found an innovative way to repurpose the resource

Zack Palm
  • 2 february 2017

Western Europe’s low-lying countries have been contending with increased amounts of rain water due to climate change. This causes locals to deal with a higher rate of dangerous flooding than they’re normally used to. An Amsterdam brewery Hemelswater has a possible solution to the excess rain water: beer.

The brewery collects water from building rooftops, and integrates it into the brewing process, creating a bitter, fruitier brew than if they were to simply use standard tap water. The company was inspired by a government program called Amsterdam Rainproof that educates citizens on heavy rainfall and how to best rainproof the city.

Hemelswater calls the resulting beer Code Blond, referencing the forecasting codes that sound off to warn citizens of approaching inclement weather.

The entrepreneurs behind the company plan to analyze how well production of soup and ice cream might work when using a similar rain water approach.


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