Bracelet Lets Dads-To-Be Feel Their Baby Kicking

Bracelet Lets Dads-To-Be Feel Their Baby Kicking

Fibo uses technology to help fathers get more involved in pregnancy—and create some beautiful jewelry

Rachel Pincus
  • 23 february 2017

Life for an expectant couple is full of moments to learn from one another through empathy and experience the excitement together—but there is always a gap between all the strange physical sensations being experienced by the mother-to-be and the distant listening of her partner. A smart bracelet called the Fibo, developed by Danish startup First Bond Wearables, hopes to bridge this gulf by offering a way to feel a developing baby’s movements, no matter how far apart you are.

fibo pregnancy.png
The Fibo comes with a kick monitor patch to be worn by the expectant mother, based on another existing device. The bracelet has a simple mechanical structure, with rotating beads that can detect subtle movements and imitate them with equal subtlety from the baby hiccuping and stretching to the strong thrust that comes from an actual kick. The beads even move to the bottom of the wristband when the baby moves downward, and to the right when baby moves in that direction. The two devices communicate with each other through GSM, and the movement of the beads is also visible through the window on the ‘face’ of the titanium wristband.

wearable-fibo baby kicking
If this idea sounds familiar, it’s because diaper maker Huggies developed a similar device in 2013 that could deliver babies’ kicks to a ‘pregnancy belt.’ Another product called the Moonbump mimicked the 33lbs of extra weight that pregnant women carry around. These larger, more cumbersome ideas never took off, however.

Creators Sandra Pétursdóttir and Eszter Eva Smid also have a background as jewelry designers, and they also hope to turn the device into a keepsake, with the option to turn it into a yellow, rose gold or silver ring that commemorates baby’s past movements in the womb after they’re born. Kicking and hiccups would be laid out as waves and dots. Diamonds would show where the trimester begins and ends. For more budget-minded families, they also hope to make the devices rentable and returnable after the big day.

fibo rings.jpg
First Bond Wearables was one of several startups that made the finals at the Polar Bear Pitching competition on Wednesday, February 16, where Pétursdóttir and Smid pitched their product in an ice hole in Oulu, Finland. No launch date has been announced yet, but they hope to have their product ready next year.

First Bond Wearables

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