Digital Baton Cheers On Lonely Runners

Digital Baton Cheers On Lonely Runners

The device allows marathoners to receive messages from loved ones during their race

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 14 february 2017

Scientists from Britain’s Lancaster University have created a digital baton that allows friends and family members of marathon runners to cheer them on from afar, helping to combat the loneliness that often accompanies long-distance races.

The device includes sensors that can track a runner’s location, as will as his or her running speed and distance traveled. It also allows the athlete’s support team to view a live map of the running route on a web page, helping them see, for example, when the runner is approaching a hill and may need extra motivation to keep going.

When viewers of the runner want to provide support, all they have to do is press a ‘cheer’ button on the web page, and the baton will vibrate and say the name of the person who is cheering.

Lancaster University

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