What’s The Next Stage In Branded Storytelling?

What’s The Next Stage In Branded Storytelling?
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PSFK's Entertainment Debrief examines the shifting landscape of the entertainment industry and how audiences have adopted a new level of creative authority

  • 15 february 2017

Built on a robust analysis of emerging and developing trends, PSFK’s Entertainment Debrief explores how contemporary audiences are finding, experiencing and creating their content. From seamless transitions across different devices to mood-based media discovery, audiences have never had more creative authority.

Today’s audiences are hungry for rich, substantial media that they can share with their intimate circles—whether produced by a movie studio or branded content team. On the whole, audiences are learning to cultivate more specific consumption habits and find the platforms that meet their interest.

To meet this desire, brands can amplify reach by building entertainment experiences that are specifically influenced by audience behavior, interests or situations. Below are some of the key strategies we have developed for creators to create more compelling branded content:

1. Integrate Environmental Triggers

Consider where, how, and in what mindset audiences will be interacting with your brand and content. Craft one-of-a-kind, relevant experiences by incorporating these contextual circumstances such as weather and location to keep the messaging hyper-relevant.  

2. Bring Audiences Together

Remote friends and family are always looking for new ways to talk, share or engage with one another. By partnering with immersive tools and platforms, brands can build social entertainment and memorable experiences—connecting people in the context of a brand message.

3. Celebrate Consumer Content

In order to ensure that content is relevant, influential and authentic, brands need to build specific avenues for users to create brand-affiliated materials, through apps or third-party services. Encourage fans to remix or adapt media to fit their creative desires.

4. Curate Media Libraries

Encourage audiences to engage by building brand-sponsored playlists and curated suggestions, incentivizing audiences to regularly connect with you outside of purchase. Incorporating an additional layer of user personalization within these features can also enliven the user experience.


By being more sensitive to how audiences are choosing to find and consume media these days, brands can begin to craft more effective content that audiences will not only enjoy, but seek out.


PSFK’s Entertainment Debrief examines the vast ecosystem of omnipresent media, where content can be found anywhere in any form. Download the full report here, request a presentation at your office and join the conversation on Twitter with #entertainmentdebrief. For full access to all of PSFK’s reports, debriefs, articles and archives, become a PSFK member today.


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