Etsy Launches A Global Market For Craft Supplies

Etsy Launches A Global Market For Craft Supplies

Visitors can shop for original DIY projects, tutorials, and supplies to bring them to life

Emma Hutchings
  • 17 february 2017

Etsy has built a new global market that is dedicated to craft supplies. Etsy Studio combines inspiration and shopping, letting shoppers browse original DIY projects and tutorials, as well as the supplies to bring creative projects to life.

Etsy Studio champions the joy of making, and a new set of tools has been developed to address the unique challenges craft supplies sellers face, including more effective ways to categorize and describe items. These have been put together based on feedback from buyers and sellers, in order to make the market an enjoyable experience for both groups.


The craft supply market is worth approximately $44 billion in the United States alone, and Etsy Studio is built on the company’s belief that the spark of creativity and the desire to make things exists in all of us—it just needs the right push. The market provides inspiration for creators by including a project section full of tutorials that show the time commitment and the level of difficulty for each one. When users find a project they are interested in making, they can view a summary of the items they need and a step-by-step walkthrough with color images. With a single click, they can add all the items to their basket. All they need to do is wait for them to arrive and then get started creating their project.

Etsy is also continuing to support sellers wherever they choose to sell with the launch of a new Shop Manager that collects all your tools and sales channels in one place, improved inventory management and search features, a multi-shop checkout option for buyers, and an easier way to add production partners to listings. The new shopping experience tailored specifically to the needs of DIY shoppers launches in April.

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