H&M Has A New Collection Of Evening Gowns Created From Plastic Waste

H&M Has A New Collection Of Evening Gowns Created From Plastic Waste

The fashion brand is trying out different types of sustainable fabrics

Jiwon Kim
  • 20 february 2017

With the current presidential administration the way that it is, government regulations on corporate behavior are not expected to get any stricter. However, with climate change and other environmental problems on the rise, companies need to prioritize and pursue sustainability autonomously. H&M is one of these companies. As a fast fashion mega company, their actions have substantial effects. This year, they decided to continue their Conscious Exclusive Collections line by releasing evening gowns created from bionic yarn. Bionic yarn comes from plastic waste found in waterways and shorelines, basically the ‘trash’ you see on littered ground. This includes items such as plastic bottles and grocery bags.

Surprisingly, bionic yarn is incredibly soft and can be utilized in all types of outfits, from fancy dresses to regular pants.

H&M hopes that by trying out different kinds of innovative, environmentally-friendly fabric, they will be able to scale these materials up for use in their regular collections. Hopefully, companies will more aggressively pursue transparent practices and sustainable products. It is imperative for the future.


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