Machine Turns Fog Into Drinking Water

Machine Turns Fog Into Drinking Water

Morocco's dry regions could have a new source of water

Cristina DiGiacomo
  • 8 february 2017

Like the name suggests the CloudFisher fishes the clouds for water, making it the largest fog collection system in the world. Using a lattice net framework to capture and condense water droplets from fog, CloudFisher is helping to alleviate drought in Morocco’s most arid regions. Nature being the inspiration, CloudFisher follows the matrix-like design of a spider’s web converting dew into little droplets of sustenance. CloudFisher collects the water through a triangle netting to distribute through an irrigation system and into a reservoir.

The sixteen meter netted fence on Mount Boutmezguida was created in partnership with The German Water Foundation and Aqualonis, and Dar Si Hmad. The applications here are powerful: globally the number of regions experiencing drought is increasing and NASA has confirmed our water table is dropping, even just a minuscule amount of moisture in the air can prove valuable and life-sustaining then.


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