Fragrance Line Lets You Smell Like An Autonomous Car

Fragrance Line Lets You Smell Like An Autonomous Car

The scents are a humorous take on contemporary auto industry trends

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 16 february 2017

What are three things that the majority of humankind are guaranteed to love? Ocean waves, campfires and the smell of a new car.  Well, Ally Financial found a clever way of attracting attention away from the shiny new concept and production cars at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. “New Car Smell” is a fragrance collection it first exhibited a year ago with eight scents, each of which representing a distinct automotive category. In 2017, two new scents were added, responding to the latest industry trends.


Reminiscent of a typical illuminated fragrance counter displaying bottles and packaging, visitors at the show were encouraged to sample each scent with a tester strip or scent or commit to wearing one for the day. Ultimately the New Car Smell collection reveals the essence of each category in a tongue-in-cheek way.


The Future: 47% Hard Drive, 27% Laptop, 19% GPS, 7% Sandwich

Smell that? It’s the future. Where you don’t drive cars—they drive you. Sure, its intelligence is artificial, but its fragrance is as natural as it gets. So inhale the intoxicating aroma of modern technology, people. And buckle up.


Luxury Coupe: 67% Plush leather, 28% Shoe Polish, 4% Caviar, 1% Benjamins

Hire a chauffeur and load up on lobster: you’ve arrived. Enjoy the refined air of the 1%. The road is your red carpet, pedestrians your paparazzi. Don’t spare the horses, Jeeves.


Muscle Car: 52% Nitrous Oxide, 20% Testosterone, 20% Burnt Rubber, 8% Brimstone

Hang your elbow out the window and let the wind blow through your armpit hair. This is life. This is living. The road is your story. Write it, fast.


Eco Friendly Hybrid: 80% Water, 14% Grass, 5% Tofu, 1% Smug

What Mother Nature would drive if she had a license. Birds, trees and flowers are your co-pilots. Smile the smile of the righteous, my friend, and put your foot down. Lightly.


Chauffeur: 46% Smartphone, 24% Energy Drink, 22% Glitter, 8% Lost Gloves

For the tireless late night reveler, there’s no better scent than the floral bouquet of ease, convenience and clean leather. No cash? No problem. So breathe easy knowing the fare’s already taken care of. The driver might even let you pick the music.


Ally doesn’t have any plans to get into the fragrance business full-time, so unfortunately none of these scents are actually for sale.



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