H&M Will Create A Custom Dress Using Your Personal Data

H&M Will Create A Custom Dress Using Your Personal Data
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Google has partnered with fashion brand Ivyrevel to create a garment based on a person's individual info

Jennifer Passas
  • 13 february 2017

Imagine being able to design clothes perfectly tailored to your lifestyle, the environment you live in and your specific tastes. Google has teamed up with Ivyrevel, H&M’s digital fashion house, to create this exact concept through a project called Coded Couture. By using an Android App to monitor activity you can build a hyper-personalized digitally tailored dress that can then be bought within the app.

The idea behind Coded Couture is to create the ultimate in personalization when it comes to fashion. The “coded-dress” is created with the routes you take and the routines you have, translating them physically into lines on a map that are then incorporated into the pattern of the dress. You are also able to choose the style of the dress that you’d like such as work, party or formal.

The app to create the dress is currently in beta and is being tested by a number of style “influencers” including the co-founder of Iveyrevel, Kenza Zouiten. If you’re interested in being a tester, you can sign up here.

How people are engaging with fashion brands is ever-evolving. In the past, people looked to fashion designers to tell them what to wear, and while this idea is not completely dated, consumers are increasingly dictating what they want to fashion companies. Fashion companies are becoming more focused on meeting customers where they are instead of providing an aspirational lifestyle that they hope attracts their target audience. For example, fashion brand Fendi recently launched a digital platform that invited people to share content in interesting new ways. The idea behind the platform was to make Fendi’s voice open and relatable, allowing fans to engage with the brand, rather than closed off behind a silo, which is how fashion operated for decades.


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