HoloLamp Projects 3D Objects Onto A Desk Without A Headset

HoloLamp Projects 3D Objects Onto A Desk Without A Headset
Augmented & Virtual Reality

The HoloLamp hopes to be the world's first augmented reality device to create the illusion of 3D images

Zack Palm
  • 1 february 2017

Augmented reality normally requires a set of glasses or a smartphone to function properly. However, the HoloLamp, unrelated to the Hololens created by Microsoft, shows the illusion of 3D images directly on a surface without the need for any type of medium.


HoloLamp requires a connection to a PC show the desired image the user would like to have. The device then projects it as a 2D image. In order to give it the 3D effect expected from augmented reality, HoloLamp tracks the perspective of the user. The current design has the ability to only track one user at a time.


The HoloLamp was created by Alan Jay,  co-founder of IMDb, and Guillaume Chican, an expert in applied math.



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