Hybrid Desk Offers Minimalist Style With Maximum Space-Saving

Hybrid Desk Offers Minimalist Style With Maximum Space-Saving

Flexit is a frame-like space saving concept tripling as a bed, clothing hanger and work desk

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 8 february 2017

In cities like New York where the average rent paid per month is roughly two-thirds of your paycheck, it makes sense to downgrade the size of your apartment to save money for other affordances. Unfortunately, smaller apartments inevitably come with their own set of issues – how far is the bed from the stove? Is there even room for a table? How will I seat more than two guests?


Targeting a particular subsection of micro-apartment city dwellers – foreign students – designerPieter Peulen created Flexit, a frame-like space saving concept tripling as a bed, clothing hanger and work desk. After living in a dorm room during his studies abroad, Paulen realized the difficulties of furnishing a claustrophobic environment. With respect to living larger than one’s living quarters, Flexit compartmentalized different necessities to become the Swiss army knife of household needs.


Composed of two sections with a vertical frame at each end, as well as a horizontal piece which slots between them, the furniture is arranged on three separate levels, and is easily customized to suit multiple needs. Whether you want to form a bunk bed for your incoming visitors, or study on your own, the unit maximizes your space to allow for any such activities. Around the frame, set of clips allows students to arrange shelving, baskets and a nightstand, as well as a wardrobe and mirror in varying configurations.


Designed for easy assembly, each frame weighs around eight kilograms (roughly 17.6 pounds), and the entire piece takes twenty minutes to put together. The compartments can also be detached to allow for different arrangements in various spaces. Fans of the minimalist look will enjoy the openness that this space-saving furniture employs.

Pieter Peulen

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