Kit Kat Sushi Will Debut In Tokyo

Kit Kat Sushi Will Debut In Tokyo

The wafer candy brand is rolling out a set of three sushi-inspired Kit Kat treats to celebrate the opening of their new store

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 6 february 2017

Kit Kats are a beloved chocolate treat  but not the kind you’d think would go well with sushi. But Kit Kat Japan is rolling out limited edition sushi-inspired Kit Kat desserts for the opening of their latest store. There are three types of Kit Kat sushi, designed by Chef Yasuaki Takagi, and will be limited to customers spending more than ¥3000 at the store (or about $26 USD).

The tamago version is a mix of pumpkin pudding Kit Kat placed over puffed rice, wrapped in a strip of seaweed. The tuna version comes with raspberry-flavored Kit Kat served on top of puffed rice. The sea urchin version blends melon Kit Kat with mascarpone cheese and comes wrapped in a seaweed shell.

These special Kit Kat combinations have been available at the Ginza Kit Kat store since February 2.

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