Let Your Calendar Book Your Next Lyft Ride

Let Your Calendar Book Your Next Lyft Ride

The feature is designed to help busy people have their car waiting for them without having to manually schedule

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 13 february 2017

Following a move by Uber to enable calendar-based ride scheduling, Lyft has announced an integration of its own spin on the feature for busy professionals with predetermined plans. Simply pick the address of your future meeting in a synced calendar, and the app will pick you up where you plan to be beforehand. Already in play for both iOS and Android smartphones, the only condition to use the feature that is that you must sync your native calendar app.

The company also teased a new feature for release in the near future that will enable you to save shortcuts to any location you frequent, beyond the current work and home options. Following a recent partnership with Starbucks to fuel both the white-collar demographic, and in turn the cars who get them around town, Lyft has recently stepped on the pedal to accelerate its innovation and the quality of its customer experience. While its unknown when the favorites feature is due to arrive, the ride sharing company promises to ready it up for its always-in-motion audience.


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