Lonely Pianists Now Have A Duet Partner Thanks To Google

Lonely Pianists Now Have A Duet Partner Thanks To Google

Google's A.I. Duet lets you play piano with the computer

Matt Vitone
  • 23 february 2017

In need of a piano partner and don’t know where to turn? Look no further than Google’s new interactive experiment called A.I. DuetDeveloped as a part of Magenta, an open-source project launched by Google last year, the program uses artificial intelligence to play a duet when notes are entered into a computer.

Simply using your keyboard (or a connected MIDI keyboard), the Duet program uses machine learning to understand notes that are inputted by the user, and responds in turn with a melody of its own based on those notes.

Yotam Mann, who coded the project, said that to teach the computer he played it different melodies as an example. The computer was then able to learn the relationship between notes and was even able to learn key and rhythm without the help of Mann.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a maestro to play with the program, which is programmed to respond to anything that’s inputted. Good news for those of us who can only play Chopsticks.

A.I. Duet

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