This Game Is Set Entirely Within A Phone Home Screen

This Game Is Set Entirely Within A Phone Home Screen
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After winning Game Connection Europe 2016's Best Indie Game Award, 'A Normal Lost Phone' is available for free on the app store

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 2 february 2017

Originating from a game jam requiring participants to create a prototype, playable for free from within their browser, gaming studio Accidental Queens recently launched their indie game in a modified app format. Titled A Normal Lost Phone, the innovative app is actually in and of itself a phone home screen – just one that doesn’t belong to you.

Players are tasked with unraveling the mystery of who the phone actually belongs to by piecing together clues.

At the start of the game, options seem limited granted the lost phone has no internet connection, but scrubbing through text messages, photos, calendar appointments and the music player quickly reveal the many intricacies of the real owner’s life.

From their deepest relationships, hopes and aspirations, down to their inner demons and daily struggles, the lost phone’s owner gradually becomes more lifelike as more dimensions of their character are introduced.


Ultimately, the game is a rich blend of puzzles and dialogues, bundled in an unconventional style.

A Normal Lost Phone

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