Netflix “Cheater” Test Lets You Know When Your Partner Is Streaming Without You

Netflix “Cheater” Test Lets You Know When Your Partner Is Streaming Without You

The platform developed a campaign to see how many people have watched a shared show without their significant other, even when they promise not to

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 16 february 2017

There’s nothing worse than a partner who binges the latest season of your favorite show while you’re stuck working late shifts at night or dealing with family drama. So this Valentine’s Day, streaming service Netflix released a cheating test, which reveals what kind of cheater you are or how likely you are to be Netflix-cheated on!

The test even released some interesting statistics, uncovering that 46% of couples who use Netflix have cheated by watching ahead on a show. Other statistics demonstrated that the most loyal country is The Netherlands, Colombia is the most disloyal, comedy is the genre that is viewers’ cheating vice and the show that is cheated on the most globally is AMC’s zombie fan favorite, The Walking Dead. Netflix even put out an ominous press release about the rise of Netflix cheating, showing that no end is in sight.

Netflix Cheating Test


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