Pacifico Rebrand Adopts A New Summer Look

Pacifico Rebrand Adopts A New Summer Look
Latin America

The beer brand is hoping to appeal to younger consumers with a new design that injects more fun into its packaging

Mario Valdivieso
  • 10 february 2017

Who else is ready for summer to arrive already? Pacifico, Mexico’s Pilsner-style beer, is preparing this year by giving its product a brand new summer-themed design. Traditionally sporting its more classic image of an anchor if front of a mountain surrounded by the ocean, Pacifico is reinventing itself to appeal to consumers in their twenties and thirties. Designer Jennifer Mulvihill stated that the goal is for Pacifico to become the ultimate “surfer’s beer.”

The new design contains custom geometric patterns, resembling surf boards, and bold typography, giving the rebrand a retro 80’s feel. The vivid neon palette background presents a more defined technicolor dream look. Mulvihill’s design encapsulates a feeling of “summer and fun” for its drinkers, adding a new element to the beach-going experience.


+Latin America

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