Phone For The Blind Made Out Of Textured Braille Material

Phone For The Blind Made Out Of Textured Braille Material
Design & Architecture

The device uses design to make a difference

Jiwon Kim
  • 16 february 2017

Although the accessibility of smartphones is on the rise, those with visual impairments cannot easily navigate these phones. For them, it is difficult to work with these flat surfaces, and even voice prompts are not always accurate or useful. As an alternative, designer Isa Velarde has designed a phone that works better for those who suffer from vision problems. Called Textura, it has a Braille surface that makes it easy to navigate through touch.

Textura has a working touch screen but sight is not a necessity for its use. There are moveable pins that move throughout the phone, creating messages in braille or shaping into an icon. Users can input and send messages as well as receive them. Additionally, the phone has headphone jacks available so information can be listened to.

Although smartphones are not a new development, Textura is a beautiful, forward-thinking phone that can prove to be very useful for a marginalized group.

Isa Velarde

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