This Phone Can Be Washed Using Soap And Water

This Phone Can Be Washed Using Soap And Water

The rafre is a new phone that allows users to easily clean it without any risk of damage

Azalea Pena
  • 3 february 2017

Just last week, Kyocera Corporation, a Japanese service provider, announced the release of their newest smartphone. The rafre is not only water-resistant, it can be washed using foaming soap and hot water too.

The phone is actually a more improved version of the DIGNO rafre, Kyocera’s first washable smartphone. The DIGNO rafre is resistant to foaming hand soap, while the new version can withstand both foaming hand and body soap. Nonetheless, this smartphone is still an entry-level phone outfitted with only 2GB RAM, 16 GB memory and a 13MP camera. But what makes it special are its long list of features such as the ability to touch its screen even when your hand is wet, a cooking app that can be controlled with hand gestures, and Kyocera’s Smart Sonic Receiver technology.

The phone will hit stores in March 2017 and will come in three colors: Pale Pink, Light Blue and Clear White.


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