Photo-Realistic Holograms Could Soon Be A Reality

Photo-Realistic Holograms Could Soon Be A Reality
Augmented & Virtual Reality

8i's Holo lets people create content with holograms of their favorite celebrities, brands, and characters

Emma Hutchings
  • 16 february 2017

Tech startup 8i provides holograms that look real and feel as though they’re in the same room. Volumetric capture enables them to record video of a human performance with an array of cameras pointing inward. Their cloud-based holographic video software transforms this into a photo-realistic 3D hologram of a human that can be viewed from any angle on any device for virtual, augmented or mixed reality.

8i has announced a $27 million round of funding led by Time Warner Investments to support the launch of its new mixed reality app Holo. Holo lets people create mixed reality content with holograms of their favorite celebrities, brands, and characters.

Holograms can be added to real-world environments in order to take videos and photos that can be shared on social media and messaging apps. Holo enables influencers across entertainment, music, and sports to reach and engage their audiences and drive a new form of user generated content around their brand.


8i is beta testing Holo to see how users interact with the tech and a limited selection of sample 3D holograms, and plans to officially launch a new version later this year on Tango-enabled smartphones and other mobile devices.

Scott Levine of Time Warner Investments said in a press release:

“With VR and AR, we’re seeing the very beginning of a new generation of immersive media. 8i makes holographic human content a reality in this new era with its breakthrough volumetric capture technology, while lowering the barrier for creators. We’re excited to back this world-class team as they continue to push the boundaries of data compression and depth acquisition, and bring holograms to the mainstream with Holo on smartphones.”

You can check out Holo in the video below:


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