Play Old School Vinyl With Your Phone

Play Old School Vinyl With Your Phone

This intelligent turntable updates traditional record players to provide modern convenience

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 23 february 2017

Designer Yves Behar‘s LOVE smart music system allows fans of authentic old school vinyl records to play their favorite tracks with the push of a button on the LOVE device, or by using an accompanying smartphone app.

The app can start a record, skip or repeat certain tracks, control the RPM speed, increase or decrease the volume, and even display the album artwork, combining the beloved sound of a record with the modern convenience of an iPod or other music player. The Love system can connect to all Bluetooth audio devices, such as speakers, headphones and stereo systems.

Designed to complement the look of a treasured record collection, LOVE was crafted from an organic outer shell and finished in glossy black, with a rose gold underside.

To use it, simply place a vinyl record on one of two record bases included in the price of the system and move the LOVE device over the record to scan its size and number of tracks. To listen to the second track, as an example, the user would press LOVE’s exterior twice, or select track two on the LOVE app.

The intelligent turntable isn’t yet available for purchase, but many fans of vinyl have already supported the project’s crowdfunding effort (its Kickstarter page has been fully funded well in advance of its deadline) by pledging $299 to receive a LOVE turntable when it is ready to ship.

Yves Behar

+Yves Behar

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