Pornhub Launched A Web Portal To Teach Sex Ed Responsibly

Pornhub Launched A Web Portal To Teach Sex Ed Responsibly

Known for their innovative marketing campaigns over the past few years, Pornhub now wants to position itself as a sex ed teacher

Kimberly B. Johnson
  • 3 february 2017

Pornhub has already positioned itself as the go-to online source for adult videos, serving millions of tantalized web surfers across the globe. Now, the Quebec-based company wants to take its services one step further by being the go-to destination for sex ed and information assistance.

This Wednesday, the adult industry titan launched its virtual sex education portal spearheaded by renowned psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Laurie Betito. Dubbed the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center, this new venture offers tips on a variety of sex-related topics including basic sexual anatomy, STD education as well as relationship advice.


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